Tradealot.School offers courses where we learn you to work according a plan. We do not promise you the holy grail, but a thorough explanation of different trading strategies and all other matters associated with trading.
We currently offer two courses: The entry-level course Day trading and the course Investing with algorithms and technical indicators. You can also opt for the combination course, of course you will receive a suitable discount.
The two courses are a perfect match and will take you one step further in making the right investment decisions.

Online entry-level course day trading
The following topics are offered during this online course:

  • Why day trading?
  • Product Knowledge (which products are suitable for day trading)
  • Detailed explanation of different strategies (Price action, trading on support and resistance).
  • Trade and risk management and the importance of it.
  • Learn to deal with your emotions.
  • Trade set-ups

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€ 149.95(Inclusive VAT)

Original price € 299, -

Online course trading with algorithms and technical indicators
The following topics are offered during this online course:

  • Determine your trading style.
  • How to work with indicators and trading tools.
  • Algorithms.
  • Applying indicators and algorithms.
  • Questions.

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€ 224.95(Inclusive VAT)

Original price € 449, -

Online combination course
Combination of the entry-level course daytrading and the course trading with algorithms and technical indicators.

The entry-level day trading course and the trading with algorithms and technical indicators course have been developed in such a way that they connect seamlessly. If you really want to be prepared, we recommend that you follow both courses. The combination course can be purchased online at a reduced rate.

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€ 299. –(Inclusive VAT)

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Thanks again for yesterday's webinar. It was an informative evening and I got to know a little bit more about your way of day trading. What really appeals to me is your modest attitude towards the 'profession'.
I enjoyed the webinar given by Paul Lamain very well. His explanation was very clear and understandable. But 3,5 hours is a bit too long despite the breaks he took every hour. It seemed to me like he is a professional teacher. I learned a lot.
Very knowledgeable and calm explanation, thank you for the informative course.